Budget 2013


George Osborne has not sprung many surprises in his budget announced on 20th March.  Most of the up-rating of allowances were announced in the ‘Autumn Statement’ in December last year.

  • What has he said that’s new?
  • How will it affect you, your family, your business?
  • Are there any steps you should be taking now?
  • Are there any deadlines that you must meet?



Can we help?

If you are already a client you will already know that our advice on the budget is just a phone call away.  We will be considering the budget in the light of our clients’ circumstances. Any measures that we identify that may have an impact you or your business we will bring to your attention.

If you are not a client and need advice arrange a one off consultation at a very fair fee. If within the following three months you sign up with us as a client, half of the fee will be credited towards the cost of your next invoice from us.